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Zeid For Engineering and Construction

A leading company in engineering consultation, project management and technical support for building and construction contractors.

The office carries out full studies of engineering projects and provides technical and economic studies for projects that include the feasibility of projects and various implementation possibilities. We also perform reassessment of projects, project management, evaluation of performance and assessment of the viability of installations, concrete treatment, supervision work for implementation for all phases, site coordination, interior design, design of figures and beautification of fields.


To provide effective and valuable engineering solutions and implement projects with the best performance standards and to offer a true contribution to building the future.


It starts from our keenness to serve our community and provide engineering solutions that are characterized by ease, safety, and accuracy in order to achieve the satisfaction and benefit of our valued customers.


  • Pursuit of customer requirements.
  • Providing high-quality engineering solutions to enable our customers to benefit from them to the fullest extent possible.
  • Ease and simplicity of solutions and designs and achieving the highest standards of accuracy.
  • Ensuring that our company is dynamic and flexible.
  • Achieving the highest economic standards in the solutions provided to the customer.
  • Continuous cooperation and development for the common good.
  • Commitment to learning, creativity, quality, and teamwork.
  • Providing employees with the opportunity to make the most of their potentials and appreciating them.